What is a swimming holiday?
A swimming holiday lets you experience parts of the world in a unique way – from an aquatic vantage point. On a typical swim tour, you can expect to take part in two swims each day. We provide you with a safe, escorted swimming experience so that you can relax and enjoy your stunning surroundings. A swimming holiday will empower you to complete swims you wouldn’t be able to complete on your own, safe in the knowledge that you will be fully escorted, accompanied by swim guides (either in a boat, kayak, or in the water) who will be able to advise you on your stroke, as well as look after your wellbeing.

Lofoten, NorwayAre the swims competitive?
Putting it simply, no. At SwimQuest we firmly believe that you should be challenging yourself rather than other people. It’s always a joy to see how the groups gel throughout the week, with guests supporting each other and sharing their stories and swimming experiences. This makes a swimming holiday a very different experience from entering a swimming race; the aim of the game is to encourage and have fun – if necessary preparing you for an upcoming event, if not, simply allowing you to enjoy the water and the company of fellow swimmers.

But what if I want a challenge?
If you really want to push yourself, then we are happy to help you do so. Our Channel & Long Distance tour has been specifically designed to help people push their boundaries and discover what they are capable of. It is also worth remembering that on every tour we are able to cater each swim to suit the needs of the individual, so if you have a race / distance you would like to complete – just let us know and we will help you make it happen. Alternatively – if you really want to complete a swim with bragging rights, you may be interested in taking a look at our Arctic Circle tour

Isn’t everyone a different speed?
Yes, certainly. This isn’t an issue though – it doesn’t matter whether ou are fast or slow, as we will group swimmers at the beginning of the week according to speed. You definitely don’t need to worry about being left behind! We can also stagger swim starts if necessary to ensure that everyone is able to participate in each swim, at their own pace.


Am I a good enough swimmer?
It doesn’t matter whether you are fast or slow, we have the tour for you. What really matters is that you enjoy swimming and would like to improve. It is important to remember that the swims are not races, and that you will be divided into groups and carefully looked after depending on your swimming ability. The aim is to have fun! The two main strokes are front crawl (freestyle) and breaststroke. You can swim as little or as much as you want to, and it is worth noting that you would be welcome to join a tour with longer distances, as you can always have a break on the main safety boat. If you are at all unsure about which tour to choose, feel free to contact us – we are always happy to advise.

What if I have never swum in open water before?
Not a problem. We will introduce you to the water gradually and you will soon find yourself growing in confidence. It is certainly worth contacting us so that we can suggest an appropriate trip for you, however, you may find the Improvers’ Coaching Tour in Formentera, or Mathraki Island, Corfu particularly suited to your introduction to open water. You may be surprised to hear that 30% of our guests have never swum in open water before (they are now converts, obviously!) 

Will I need to wear a wetsuit?
This depends on the tour you have chosen and your experience acclimatising to cold water. If in doubt, please ask us and we will be happy to advise. The water temperature for our range of locations does vary dramatically, from a balmy 29oC in Thailand, to a bracing 10oC in Norway. Temperature will affect your comfort in the water, so its important you bring a wetsuit if you need one. Again, we are happy to advise on hire / purchase if you are unsure.