Whatever your ability, we will empower you to complete swims you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to complete on your own.

How do you decide which swimming holiday to go for? In this section we break our tours up into categories, to help you choose the perfect trip. At SwimQuest we are flexible, so if there’s a tour you like the look of but you’re not sure if it’s right for you – just give us a call or drop us an email – we will give you an honest answer.

We have tours to suit all ability levels, and with our small SwimQuest group
sizes and friendly staff, we will happily adapt a tour to suit your needs. Maybe you feel completely at home with your head underwater, but your less amphibious partner prefers a more laid back approach to the swimming itinerary. Not a problem – let us know in advance and we will ensure we tailor the itinerary to suit you.

Don’t forget, if you are unsure of the best trip for you and would rather have a chat to us – we’d love to hear from you.


Our ‘classic’ swimming holidays are suitable for all abilities and offer an adaptable range of distances. Most of these trips offer two swims a day, starting around the 1-2km / swim mark, and building up throughout the week to 3-4km / swim depending on how you are feeling and your ability level. We have ample boat support, so there is no need to complete all of a swim if you don’t want to – you are very welcome to hop back on the boat and have a rest. These weeks provide a welcome mixture of swimming, time to relax and wonderful food in beautiful surroundings. Whatever your ability, we will empower you to complete swims you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to complete on your own, safe in the knowledge that you will be fully supported by our award-winning guides.

Our “Classic” trips include:


Our technique tours have become increasingly popular with our regular and our new guests. Both beginner and advanced swimmers have found that they have walked (or should we say crawled?!) away from these weeks with more confidence, invaluable knowledge about their stroke, plus a selection of drills and a training plan to follow when they return home.

Our technique tours include:

It is worth remembering that all of our sea-based locations involve some level of video analysis, however if you would like to see a dramatic improvement in the way you swim over a week, then we would recommend the above tours for you.


We are lucky enough to work with some of the best guides and coaches in the world, including Olympic Open Water Medallist Cassie Patten, and Olympian and Commonwealth Gold Medallist James Goddard. The below trips are run by our expert coaches who work alongside the SwimQuest guides to deliver a unique, unforgettable swim experience.

Below are the trips we currently have on sale with our guest coach experts for 2019:


We understand that it is not always convenient to take a full week off work to swim. You may wish to consider one of our long weekend tours, short breaks, or simply let us know which part of the holiday you can make, and we will do our best to fit you in accordingly.

Our long weekend tours are:

We also run a one-day River Arun swim in West Sussex (July / August / September).



We have a long history of training swimmers for the English Channel, and for other big world swims. Our very special Channel & Distance training weeks are an ideal way to push your boundaries, find out more about long distance swimming, build yourself a support network and get coached through your first qualifying swim. On these trips English Channel solo and relay swimmers will have the opportunity to complete a six-hour or two-hour qualifying swim. The trips are designed for people who are training for a long-distance event, and those keen to find out if long-distance swimming appeals to them. Discover your full potential and DREAM BIG.



For those of you who swim year round, whatever the weather – we have some fantastic trips to suit you. The Lofoten Islands is one of our most spectacular and unique locations. Despite its location within the Arctic Circle, sea temperates sit between 9-11 oC in August which gives us ample scope to explore this stunning archipelago. In August, these islands in the Arctic Circle are bathed in almost 24 hour daylight, so we can swim in the ‘night sun’ too – truly incredible.

This year we also launched our brand new trip to The Isles of Scilly. We are working with the wonderful team behind the Adventure Scilly Challenge to bring you the very best these isles have to offer, and also our new South Africa tour.

Finally (and how could we forget?!) our Christmas Weekend in Scotland is a wonderful way to start the festive season. Expect Christmas-come-early, with winter dips, more food than you can eat and carols by candlelight.



If you are the type of person who wouldn’t dream of dipping your toe in unless it was pool temperature or above – then we have some incredible trips for you. These trips are suitable for all abilities.



It’s important to remember that our holidays are about challenging yourself rather than other people. If you are looking for the buzz of competition, then a swimming race is probably more suitable for you. That being said, if you would like to complete an iconic swim, come with us and swim Lake Annecy in France (15km), land on Robben Island (South Africa) by swimming there as part of a relay (6.5km), or swim with us on the River Arun in West Sussex, one of the most tidal rivers in the country (6.5km).



We have a few ‘specialist tours’ which have been designed with a certain type of swimmer in mind. Our Big Scottish Christmas Weekend is a winter swimmer’s dream trip, and the Long Swim weeks are suitable for those of you wanting to stay in the water for longer.

Don’t forget, if you have a specific request, just ask. We will do our best to make it happen



We are always happy to make your swimming dreams a reality. We regularly set up private tours for families, corporate groups or groups of friends. We have even organised a swimming wedding, and a swimming honeymoon!

With over 14 years experience setting up swimming holidays and expeditions, we can tailor the trip to suit you. Choose from one of our current locations and set your own dates, let us know where in the world you would like to swim, or ask us for some inspiration.