One to one advice SwimQuest
How do you decide which swimming holiday to go for? In this section we break our tours up into categories, to help you choose the perfect trip.

We have tours to suit all ability levels, and with our small SwimQuest group
sizes and friendly staff, we will happily adapt a tour to suit your needs. Maybe you feel completely at home with your head underwater, but your less amphibious partner prefers a more laid back approach to the swimming itinerary. Not a problem – let us know in advance and we will ensure we tailor the itinerary to suit you.

Don’t forget, if you are unsure of the best trip for you and would rather have a chat to us – we’d love to hear from you.

Read through the below scenarios to decide which best fits you.

Technique SwimQuest Formentera1. i want to improve my technique

Our technique tours have become increasingly popular with our regular and our new guests. Both beginner and advanced swimmers have found that they have walked (or should we say crawled?!) away from these weeks with invaluable knowledge about their stroke, plus a selection of drills and a training plan to follow when they return home.

These tours include:

It is worth remembering that all of our sea based locations involve some level of video analysis, however if you would like to see a dramatic improvement in the way you swim over a week, then we would recommend the above tours for you.

SwimQuest Thailand2. I AM A BEGINNER – HELP ME!

You may be surprised to know that 32% of our guests in 2016 had never swum in open water before. Swimming in the sea is generally easier than swimming in a pool, so don’t underestimate yourself when booking a tour with us. If there is a location you really like, but you don’t know if you are capable, give us a call to talk to us about your previous swimming experience, as it may be we can create a personal itinerary for you.

You also don’t need to worry about being left behind – it’s typical for swimmers to be split into groups of different speeds. You can always rest / hop back onto the boat if you get tired.

Many people think that swimming holidays are only for swimming fanatics, but if you enjoy swimming, we are pretty sure you’ll enjoy a holiday with us. Our most suitable tours for complete beginners are the technique tours (above), Mathraki Island (May / Jun / Jul / Aug / Sep), Croatia (May, Oct),The Maldives (Mar/Apr) and Egypt (Nov, Jan) which are very adaptable because of the convenient beachside locations and flexible boat support.

Channel Swimming with SwimQuest3. I WANT TO TRAIN FOR A LONG-DISTANCE SWIM

You’ve come to the right place … our Channel and Distance training week (Apr / May) in Croatia would be your most obvious choice if you are training for a long, cold water swim, such as the English Channel, or a lake swim such as Annecy, Zurich or one of the English Lakes. This week provides solo or relay English Channel swimmers the opportunity to complete their mandatory six and two-hour qualifiers, and also includes valuable seminars and mentoring on feeding, crew selection, and mental preparation.  With a full safety escort and expert advice from the SwimQuest team, you can expect to push your boundaries, meet likeminded individuals and discover your full potential.

Some of our other tours also offer the opportunity to swim for longer distances. You may wish to consider:

Thailand, SwimQuest4. I LIKE IT HOT!

If you are the type of person who wouldn’t dream of dipping your toe in unless it was pool temperature or above – then The Maldives or Egypt would be the most obvious choices for you. With an average water temperature of between 27-29oC in February, you can probably leave your wetsuit at home …

You could also consider joining one of the summer or later season Mathraki Island (May to Sep) tours. The water temperature in Greece is usually a balmy 24-26oC from July – mid September.

SwimQuest Swimming Holidays5. I WANT BEAUTIFUL SEA SWIMS

We have some incredible sea swims to choose from: Mathraki Island and Croatia offer sapphire blue, island-to-island laid-back swimming. Choose Formentera (Apr / May & Sep / Oct) for bright white beaches, with crystal clear bays and unbelievable visibility. For clear Mediterranean coastal swims, join us in the wild Costa Brava, and swim along the Cap de Creus Natural Park, between islets and in coves and secret caves. Choose the Lofoten Islands, Norway (Aug), for a breath-taking abundance of sea life: float above glossy kelp and swim between craggy outcrops. If you need a week of relaxation, choose The Maldives (Mar,April) or Egypt (Nov,Jan) and join us on an impressive liveaboard to explore a kaleidoscope of sea life like you have never seen before. Eat, swim, sleep, then repeat … life is good!


If you are the type of swimmer who would like something completely different, check out our Lofoten Island, Norway (Aug) tour. In August, these islands in the Arctic Circle are bathed in almost 24 hour daylight, so we can swim in the ‘night sun’, and, because of the gulf stream, swims of up to 5km are possible. John Coningham-Rolls has been in the swimming holiday industry since 2003, and as such has carefully hand-picked some of the most incredible swimming spots on the planet. We pride ourselves on providing swimming holidays for all abilities and we are confident that we have something to suit even the most experienced amongst you.

You may also wish to consider our much loved Scottish Christmas weekend in Arisaig (Dec) offering the opportunity to swim in Loch Morah, the UK’s deepest body of freshwater, in the middle of winter … watch out for Morag though! This tour also includes some stunning sea swims.

Feed time! SwimQuest7. I AM TIME-POOR

We understand that it is not always convenient to take a full week off work to swim. You may wish to consider one of our long weekend tours, or simply let us know which part of the holiday you can make, and we will do our best to fit you in accordingly.

Our long weekend tours are:

We also run a one-day River Arun swim in West Sussex (Jul / Aug / Sept).


And there are so many to swim in! We have chosen some of our favourites for you. If you fancy a challenge, why not try Lake Annecy (Jun / Sep) famous for its milky turquoise water.  Lago D’Orta in Italy (Aug, Oct) is also a real treat. Just an hour away from Milan Malpensa airport, this little know Northern Italian lake contains the stunning Saint Julian Island. Stay on the lakeside and soak up these magnificent views. If you have been to the highlands in Scotland, you’ll know what we mean when we say that Scotland can take your breath away. Both scenery and water are life affirming. Come and join us in Loch Morah, the deepest body of freshwater in Europe (Dec).

Floating with the kelp SwimQuest9. I WANT TO CHALLENGE MYSELF

It’s important to remember that our holidays are about challenging yourself rather than other people. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how supportive your fellow guests can be. If you are looking for the buzz of competition, then a swimming race is probably more suitable for you. On tour it doesn’t matter how fast you swim, which is often a popular misconception.

Our most challenging tour is undoubtedly Lofoten, Norway (Aug). Guests on this tour must be confident swimming 5km in open water, and we would ask to meet with you if possible before the tour to ensure you are up to it, given the water temperatures in the Arctic Circle. Our Channel and Distance tour (Apr / May) is designed to push your boundaries, and focuses on mental endurance and (if necessary) getting you through your English Channel qualifier. If you would like to add an iconic swim to your medal cabinet, come with us and swim Lake Annecy (14.7km – Jun / Sep), either as a solo or a relay.