We are incredibly lucky to work with some of the world’s best swim coaches. We work with our guest coaches on a selection of week long Technique Tours, UK based Skills Sessions.

Read more about our coaches below:


We are delighted to welcome Commonwealth and Olympic medallist, Dan Wallace to the SwimQuest team.  Dan represented Great Britain in the Olympics and FINA World championships, and got Gold in the Men’s 400m Individual Medley at the Commonwealth Games in 2014. You can join Dan on a SwimQuest holiday at the world-famous sports resort Club La Santa, or on Mathraki Island, Greece.


Ray is a Front Crawl technique specialist, with nearly 30 years of swimming teaching experience. He has developed a clear step-by-step approach to stroke technique development, and now runs the swim school, Swim Canary Wharf. Ray focuses on tailored exercises which guests can take home and incorporate into their usual swimming routine. You can join Ray on a SwimQuest holiday on Formentera Island, just off Ibiza, Spain.


Total Immersion coach James Ewart is a technique-focused swim coach, open water enthusiast and video analysis expert.  James helps you understand what you should be doing when you are swimming and why.  He is also a regular contributor to Outdoor Swimmer magazine. James is a Total Immersion Level 3 swim Coach and an STA Level 2 Open Water Coach. You can join James on a SwimQuest holiday on Formentera Island, just off Ibiza, Spain.

cassandra patten

Cassie Patten Olympic SwimmerIn addition to winning bronze at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Cassie is a double world silver medallist and cup winner and European Champion. She made history as the first swimmer in the world to both final in the pool and medal in the open water events at an Olympics, and is one of only nine British swimmers to have won Olympic medals in the last 20 years. We work closely with Cassie to allow swimmers of every ability to improve their confidence, speed and efficiency in open water. You can join Cassie on one of our UK based Skills Sessions.