FEBRUARY 27, 2016


Unesco biosphere reserve, Lanzarote is dotted with 300 volcanos. As one of the Canary Isles, it was first landed on by a Genoese sailor named Lancelotto in the 13th century and whose name remained with the Island as it has been derived to it’s present form today: Lanzarote.

Black lava fields with splashes of vibrant green lichen growing on the rocks and oxide red slabs of earth rising on the horizon make for an impressive back drop. Deep-blue ocean waters crash onto the north coast, ideal for surfing, whilst the south coast provides some more sheltered swimming.

This is where the wind takes us.

Lanzarote SwimQuestThe earth splits as the sun creeps over the sea- half of the horizon wallowing in night and the other drinking in the new day. Crystal-clear waters and a cold sandy beach that massages the soles of our feet as we hop foot it into the beckoning sea. Swimming under the moonset: delicious and peaceful.

Dipping under the sinking morning star that is Venus. We swim with delight in these new waters searching for early morning sea creatures. Fish flecks dart around as slivers of blue and an octopus meanders on the ocean floor. Some seaweed sways on an occasional rock and we dive with glee to try and touch the sculpted seabed. The dawn gleams and reflects warm pink hues and snatches of tangaerine as we swim on the out going tide.

SwimQuest Blog Lanzarote Sunset

“The earth splits as the sun creeps over the sea”

As we force ourselves out of the water, the delectable taste of sweet salt from the ocean lingers, along with the last laughs of the moon. We feel alive and ready to begin the day, and perhaps more importantly we all have a hunger on; it must be time for breakfast.

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