Convincing your non-swimming partner …


We hear it often – “I’d love to come on a swimming holiday but my other half just isn’t a swimmer”. If this sounds like you, read on – we may be able to help you out, without you having to barter a swimming holiday for a reciprocal week birdwatching, frog-counting or worse, lying on a sunbed for a week …

Here are a few things you probably didn’t know about our holidays:

  1. Non swimmers are welcome to take part as much or as little as they wish. They can join the guides on the boats, watch the swimmers or simply take some time out to explore the location or relax
  2. Non swimmers are very welcome to take part in the swimming technique sessions. At no extra cost, our guides can provide one to one swimming lessons / coaching sessions for them if they are nervous about getting in.
  3. Non swimmers are welcome to snorkel any of the swims should they feel more comfortable doing so, or have a go using some fins. We have ample boat cover and small enough groups that swimmers can swim at their own pace.
  4. Often there are plenty of other activities aside from swimming, each location differs of course – but if you have a location in mind ask us and we will be able to help with your planning. e.g. fishing in the Bahamas, diving in the Philippines, cycling in Formentera, walking in Mathraki, painting, yoga … the list goes on.
  5. By the end of the week, it’s not uncommon for non-swimmers to be swimming more than the swimmers! We call this the FOMO effect … 😀
  6. We offer non swimmers a 10% discount on the tour price when accompanying a full paying swimmer.

Donna Linder came on one of our Bahamas trips as a complete non swimmer, and wrote an article about her experience in Outdoor Swimmer. You can read the article here.

If you’d like to speak to us about which trip may be right for you – feel free to call Alice on +44 7825 301443 or drop us an email at

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