Our Beginners and Improvers weeks offer a gentle, safe introduction to open water swimming. They will help you grow in confidence and develop the skills you need to swim safely – and most of all, to enjoy yourself whilst swimming! You will leave with a much better knowledge of how to swim efficiently and effectively in open water, and how to progress your swimming moving forward.

We have the following weeks on sale, suitable for beginners and improvers:

  • July 13-19, July 20-26 & July 27 – Aug 2, 2019
    Technique & Explore in Mathraki, Greece with James Goddard
    This tour offers the opportunity to combine James’ expert coaching with some slightly longer swims in the afternoon. Expect a morning of technique sessions, followed by swim of up to 3km in the afternoon to give you the chance to put your new skills into practice. All sessions are completed in the sea.
  • September 28 – October 4, 2019
    Technique with Ray Gibbs in Formentera
    This tour is ideal for anyone who is looking to get solid, intensive technique coaching in beautiful relaxed Formentera. With a combination of pool and ocean swimming – drills, seminars and leisure swims, Ray will ensure you leave with a solid understand of what you need to work on to improve your stroke over the winter months, ready for 2020.
  • February 15-21, 2020
    Club La Santa – Technique with James Goddard

    This tour is ideal for anyone who is looking to get solid, intensive technique coaching. The week is suitable for all ability levels, as you will be working within a small group with the opportunity for one-on-one coaching from our exceptional guest coaches and guides. This tour is based at the world-famous Club La Santa resort, Lanzarote. This location is also ideal for non-swimming partners, and there are over 30+ additional sporting activities included in the price.