Guest Experience: Mathraki

By David Titmuss (attended the 29 July – 4 August 2023 week)

A Tranquil Odyssey: My Unforgettable Summer Swimming Holiday in Mathraki, Greece

As the scorching summer sun embraced the azure Mediterranean waters, I embarked on a thrilling aquatic escapade to Mathraki, Greece. The journey was an adventure, starting with a plane ride from Manchester that landed me in charming Corfu town, where I spent my first night. My hotel, which I booked myself, looked over the massive harbour with sleek private yachts bobbing about, making sure I didn’t miss them and their wealthy inhabitants.

The next day, I met up with the other travellers, and after a few polite ‘hellos’, a taxi ride whisked us to the other side of the island.  Corfu is so green and beautiful, so this trip was part of my holiday.  We then boarded the private boat for an enchanting voyage that transported us to the tranquil haven of Mathraki Island.

The Journey Begins: George, the Navigator

George, a spirited young man who took the wheel of our van and captained all our boat rides throughout the week, enhanced our holiday. George wasn’t just a driver; he was a storyteller and a guide with his rich knowledge of every rock, nook and cranny of the island above and below the water line. His cheerful demeanour and local insights transformed the mere act of transportation into an integral part of our holiday memories.

Solo But Never Lonely

I travelled alone and highly recommend this trip through SwimQuest, as I never felt lonely or excluded. Quite a few single travellers decided to take the adventure to the Island, and I know that’s the case on SwimQuest’s other trips worldwide.  That said, SwimQuest has designed the trip to give you space and peace when you need it and after some of the swimming trips, I needed it!


Diving into Crystal Clear Waters

The main draw of our Mathraki adventure was the opportunity to swim in the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean. As a novice open-sea swimmer, I initially felt a mix of excitement and trepidation. The vast expanse of the open sea seemed daunting, but under the guidance of our experienced guides, I quickly found my rhythm. With each stroke, my worries melted away, replaced by an exhilarating sense of freedom. The underwater world unfolded before me, revealing an enchanting realm with marine life and fascinating rock formations.

Each day we explored another part of the Island, clocking up many kilometres by the end of the week. I grew more and more confident and also more used to the various sea conditions. Each day I was tired, but the following morning I noticed I grew stronger, and my swimming improved.

We swam from one island to another the last few days – something I thought I’d never have the guts to do. I loved it.

Seamless Organisation

One of the standout aspects of our Mathraki holiday was the seamless organisation that left us worry-free and able to enjoy the experience fully. Our guides, John and Bertie, were the maestros behind the scenes, orchestrating each day’s activities precisely. From our daily swimming excursions to explorations of the island’s hidden gems, our SwimQuest friends carefully planned every moment to ensure we got the most out of our vacation. Their positive energy and infectious enthusiasm further enhanced the trip’s vibrancy.

The Idyllic Island Retreat

Mathraki Island was a slice of paradise, a tranquil oasis far removed from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The absence of bustling crowds allowed us to immerse ourselves fully in the beauty of the surroundings, creating a sense of deep tranquillity that rejuvenated my spirits.

Unexpected Adventures

What began as a simple swimming holiday became a week of unexpected adventures and experiences.

Our meals were a reflection of the island’s simple yet rich culture. The local cuisine’s vibrant flavours and fresh ingredients delighted our taste buds. Dining together created a sense of camaraderie as we bonded over the shared joy of savouring mouthwatering Greek dishes. Frankly, we spent so much time laughing that I wondered how we had enough energy after our twice-daily swimming trips.

A Room with a View

Accommodations on Mathraki were charming. The hotel room, though unassuming, provided all the comforts I needed. As I adjusted to island life, the air conditioning – a luxury I initially overlooked – became an afterthought. Instead, the gentle sea breeze and the soothing sounds of nature became my nightly companions, enhancing my connection to the island’s serene atmosphere.

A Tapestry of Diversity

Perhaps the most delightful aspect of my Mathraki holiday was the diverse people who shared the adventure. With backgrounds as varied as the colours of the sea, my fellow travellers enriched the experience with their unique perspectives and stories. Bonds were forged, friendships were kindled, and the shared memories of our island escapade will forever connect us across time and distance.


A Week of Wellness

As the sun set on my Mathraki adventure, I reflected on the open sea’s transformative power and the profound beauty of a secluded island paradise. The journey from the bustling streets of Manchester to the tranquil shores of Mathraki had been an odyssey of discovery, connection, and joy. This summer swimming holiday had not only taken me to new depths in the Mediterranean but had also enriched my soul with the warmth of new friendships and the timeless allure of Greece’s enchanting coastline.

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