Winter Swimming Workshop

Date: Saturday 22 October 2022, 8am-10am
Venue: Queenford Lakes Open Water Swim
Price: £35pp


Queenford Lakes have teamed up with SwimQuest to deliver a winter swimming safety workshop, to help you extend your winter swimming season and gain a good insight on how to do so in a safe and responsible way so that you can enjoy the winter chills at the lake, and wherever else you decide to swim this winter.


The sessions consist of a 45 minute seminar and Q&A in the Wandering Kitchen cafe with tea, coffee and croissants, followed by a short ‘winter dip’ in which we practice what we’ve learned and run through winter swimming best practice so that you can look after yourself and those you swim with as you continue to swim through winter. The Wandering Kitchen Cafe is open from 9am-4pm if you wish to purchase additonal food / drink post swim.
Please be seated by 8am. We will swim at around 9am and will be finished at 10am.


The sessions will focus on three areas:


How do you know it is safe to swim? have you completed your own mini-risk assessment? What kit do you need? What do you need to prepare? What will you do if you get into trouble?


What can you expect to feel when you get in? How long should you stay in for? What do you need to be aware of? How far should you go? What should you do if you get into trouble?


What can you expect to feel like when you exit the water? How will you get dressed (there is a method!) How long will it take to warm up? What should you do if someone is really cold? What are the signs of hypothermia? What should you do if you think someone is too cold? How will you know? What should you do if you think you are too cold?


Booking has now closed for this event, but do email us on if you are interested in any future workshops we may hold at Queenford Lakes.

In booking with us, you accept our terms and conditions, which can be found here.


A few additional offers:

  • Tow Floats : If any of you are new to Queenford Lakes and intending to swim there, you should know that booking and tow floats are compulsory during the public winter swimming sessions. There are still a couple of tow floats in stock to buy at the lake if needed (£18.50).
  • Selkie discount : If you are looking for some warm winter clothes to use before or after your swims, including change robes, and tow floats we can also share a 15% discount code for the Selkie range on Simply enter code SwimquestSelkie at checkout (valid on basket spend of £20+).


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Sam and Alice SwimQuest Arisaig

Here’s a picture taken just after a swim on our Christmas Weekend in Scotland – it really captures that post winter-swim high! Photo taken by SwimQuest Guest Annie Dunford