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Known to many as JCR, John set up SwimQuest in 2012 after having spent 10 years organising and planning swim trips worldwide. As well as taking people to beautiful and unique places to swim, John has a unique ability to help and encourage people to achieve their own personal goals. Having completed solo swims of the English Channel, Manhattan Island and Lake Zurich, as well as half and full Ironmans and marathons in the UK and the USA, John has used his own personal experience in swimming and triathlon to make the seemingly unattainable challenge for many become a reality. John is also the Vice President of International Winter Swimming Association and continues to advise and help select the host venue of this popular biannual championship.

“I come across individuals time and time again who are punching below their weight. I think it’s partly our job to help people realise how much potential they have as swimmers. I’ve had numerous guests over the years who have started as complete swimming newbies, and gone on to do really incredible swims. The boundaries to entry are so minimal – swimming really is a hobby open to all – and it’s always a delight to help people make the most of it.”