TTA financial protection

SwimQuest is proud to be a member of the Travel Trust Association. The TTA are the only travel network in the UK to guarantee 100% financial protection to you, the consumer.

When making a booking with SwimQuest, you will receive a ‘Stand Alone Safe Seat Plan Guarantee Certificate’ issued to you by the TTA, which will protect your prepayments and guarantee you 100% financial protection. Full wording of this guarantee can be found at www.traveltrust.co.uk/guarantee.

Please note, this certificate is not a substitute for travel insurance. Travel insurance suitable for escorted open water swimming will still be required and must be presented to guides at safety briefing. Click here for details. 

You can confirm the validity of SwimQuest as a TTA member by emailing memberconfirmation@traveltrust.co.uk and quoting the TTA number Q3367, by calling 01483 545787 or visiting www.traveltrust.co.uk/checkmember.

If you have any questions about this scheme, please feel free to contact a member of SwimQuest staff or call the TTA Head Office on 01483 545787.