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Don’t forget, if you don’t find the dates you’re looking for – we can set up a bespoke tour for you. We are always adding new dates to our calendar, so don’t forget to check back regularly, or contact the office to let us know what you are looking for and we will keep you updated.

MAY 2017

April 29 – May 5 Long Distance Training week, Formentera
May 6-12 Improvers Tour, Formentera
May 13-19 Performance week with Cassie Patten, Formentera
May 13-19 Croatia Island to Island
May 20-26 Mathraki Island, Greece
May 27 – June 2 Mathraki Island, Greece
May 28 – June 3 Costa Brava, Spain

JUNE 2017

June 2-5 Lake Annecy, France (1 June start for soloists)
June 3-9 Mathraki Island, Greece
June 10-16 Mathraki Island, Greece (speed week)
June 17-23 Mathraki Island, Greece
June 24-30 Mathraki Island, Greece

JULY 2017

July 1-7 Mathraki Island, Greece
July 8-14 Mathraki Island, Greece
July 9 – 16 Costa Brava, Spain
July 15-21 Technique with Olympian Cassie Patten, Mathraki, Greece
July 22-28 Technique with Olympian Cassie Patten, Mathraki, Greece
Saturday July 22 River Arun 6km swim
Sunday July 23 River Arun 6km swim
July 29-Aug 4 Technique with Olympian Cassie Patten, Mathraki, Greece


Saturday August 5 River Arun 6km swim
Sunday August 6 River Arun 6km Aspire swim
August 12-18 Lofoten Islands, Norway
August 25-28 Lago D’Orta Italy


Saturday 2 September River Arun 6km swim
Sunday 3 September River Arun 6km swim
Sept 2-8 Mathraki Island, Greece
Sept 2-8 Improvers Tour Formentera
Sept 9-15 Mathraki Island, Greece
Sept 16-22 Mathraki Island, Greece
Sept 16-22 Improvers Tour Formentera
Sept 23-29 Mathraki Island, Greece
Sept 29 – 2 Oct 2 Lake Annecy, France (Sept 28 start for soloists)


Sept 30 -Fri Oct 6 Costa Brava, Spain
Oct 7- 13 Costa Brava, Spain
October 7-13 Croatia Island to Island
Oct 7-13 Improvers Tour Formentera
Oct 14-20 Technique with Olympian Cassie Patten 
October 13-16 Lago D’Orta, Italy 
October 14-20 Croatia Island to Island


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December 1-4 SwimQuest Christmas Weekend, Scotland
December 8-11 SwimQuest Christmas Weekend, Scotland


29 December – 4 January New Year! Club la Santa, Lanzarote with guest coach Cassie Patten


10-16 February Club la Santa Technique week with Olympian Cassie Patten 

APRIL 2018

March 30 – April 7 The Maldives
April 7 – 14 The Maldives

JUNE 2018

June 1-4 Lake Annecy, France